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About Us

InterfaceIt supercharges your face-to-face sales.

No matter your approach to face-to-face sales, InterfaceIt provides the framework for more efficient, more profitable selling. We can seamlessly combine multiple sales approaches so all sales staff can access the intelligence and streamlined processes that boosts sales success.

In providing a way to supercharge face-to-face sales, InterfaceIt brought together experience and expertise in data, selling techniques, business processes, digital technologies and delivery channels for remote staff.

Our experience over five years has shown this combination delivers lower cost per sale, higher success rates and a reduced administrative burden.

We’ve helped deliver over $4 billion in revenue for clients in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Europe - proof that the InterfaceIt platform supercharges sales across industry and country.


Our Team

InterfaceIt people are passionate about efficiency and helping our clients sell more effectively

  • Karl Unterlechner - Chief Executive Officer

    One of the driving forces of InterfaceIt, Karl has extensive experience in direct selling via phone and face-to-face. Knowing that face-to-face sales needed a paradigm shift, Karl took a fledgling idea and transformed it into InterfaceIt. In his CEO role, Karl provides guidance and direction to the InterfaceIt team as well as developing additional markets for our platform.


  • Real-time reporting and integration for unique insights and more sales

  • We've delivered over $3billion in client revenue

  • We arm frontline field reps with intelligent tools

  • Robust platform combining data, software and mobility

Supercharge your face-to-face sales