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Smart and simple remote selling for booming farm-to-you enterprise

Aussie Farmers Direct builds and extends business using InterfaceIt

Bringing farm fresh produce to city dwelling consumers used to be via the farmer’s horse and cart. Milk was also a more personal experience with milkos travelling city streets, milk bottles in hand in the early morning.

Supermarkets changed all that.

But consumers are fighting back - seeking farmers markets and craving a more direct farm-to-you experience.

Enter Aussie Farmers Direct, a booming business providing old-fashioned direct from the farm produce to consumers by leveraging advanced management, technology and operations know-how. They’ve even returned ‘milko’ to modern conversation.

‘Aussie Farmers Direct was established with a goal to always offer quality Australian food at an affordable price with exceptional customer service across every facet of the business,’ said CEO and Co-Founder Jordan Muir.

“In our tenth year of business that exceptional customer service is facilitated in part by our InterfaceIt solution. It also helps us to sign up more consumers for fresh produce – boosting sales and efficiency and fuelling demand for our franchisees,’ stated Muir.

Aussie Farmers Direct now delivers more than 1.3 million quality pieces of Australian fresh food to the doors of more than 130,000 customers each week, right across the Australian landscape.

Using a franchise model, each franchisee is allocated a geographic area with set boundaries and delivery days. Franchisees are then the ‘milkos’ delivering fresh meet, fruit and vegetables to the door of customers in their area.

The Solution

The franchise strategy relies on each delivery day or run in each area is as efficient as possible by maximizing the number of customer deliveries per run. The InterfaceIt platform plays an integral part in maintaining efficiency.

"We are very aware of our operational data and customers per run is a key metric to our business model,’ said Muir. ‘By integrating our customer databases and franchisee boundaries with InterfaceIt, we’ve created our perfect targeted selling tool for remote staff that really does directly impact profitability."

By interrogating customer data and cross-referencing locations, run days, franchise areas as well as the InterfaceIT households databases, Aussie Farmers build campaigns, offers and efficient route maps for its field sales teams to action.

"In fact, with InterfaceIt we’ve shortened our sales cycle to deliver by 7-10 days compared to paper system!"

Business Benefits

Armed with an iPad, the sales teams have all the tools for a highly relevant interaction with each household on their target list. Priority is given to locations where the customers per run ratio needs improvement so the run can be ‘topped-up” with additional deliveries. Special offers can be made to existing customers to cross-sell or up-sell based on previous order history while lapsed or no-order customers are encouraged to re-engage with offers relevant to past orders or based on similar customers in the area.

"InterfaceIt is also a fantastic way to showcase the fresh produce via high quality images, farmer interview videos and collaterals and then get a signed digital contract that we can action in head office immediately," says Muir.

It’s as much a part of Aussie Farmers as our milkos!

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