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Making energy field sales shine brightly

Australian Power and Gas reduces costs, exceptions and fraud using InterfaceIt

In the highly regulated industry of retail energy sales, successfully acquiring new customers while remaining compliant can be a difficult balancing act.

When faced with tightening regulations to Australia’s Energy Retailers Code, Australian Power and Gas turned to InterfaceIt to solve the potentially clashing requirements of generating sales, reducing costs and maintaining full compliance with the Code.

In 2011, Australian Power and Gas were Australia’s fastest growing energy retailer with a target to generate 350,000 customers through direct sales activity via 120 field representatives across three major Australian states.

The Solution

It took InterfaceIt just 21 days to deliver a solution to meet these requirements – and much more.

According to Richard Prentice, National Sales Manager at Australian Power and Gas, the InterfaceIt platform tailored for energy and their internal requirements has significantly improved field-based initiatives.

“Not only did we receive best in class scores from the Energy Assured Limited audit, we’ve reduced costs by 28 percent, exceptions are just seven percent of previous levels and we’ve processed over 120,000 sales during the year,” stated Prentice.


“It’s made sales better, operations more efficient and provides real-time insight into our business – InterfaceIt is a world-class system I’d recommend to another partner or client.”

The InterfaceIt solution for Australian Power and Gas builds in compliance alongside a structured sales process delivered via tablet computers (in this case iPads). This delivers benefits to cost, sales performance, compliance, management and customer service.

Sales performance boosted

tick.png Greatly increased penetration of target areas

tick.png Lifts in sales performance through the ability to drive representatives in real-time

Improvements in operational efficiency and cost reduction

tick.png Removal of the costs of staffing a data entry team

tick.png Contract exceptions (issues on paperwork) reduced from 40% to 3%

tick.png Reduced time to billable due to information being processed digitally via the iPad

tick.png Reduced cancellation rates by shortening the ‘cooling-off’ period

tick.png Cost per sales reduced by 28% including the InterfaceIt costs

tick.png Training time across multiple states reduced to a single week

Compliance is easy and automatic

tick.png Management of compliance requirements greatly reduced

tick.png Easy identification of potential fraud cases through InterfaceIt reporting

tick.png Greater tracking / reporting capabilities make it easy to achieve best in class scores from the Energy Assured Limited audit

Anywhere, anytime management

tick.png Improvement in confidence in data from better data integrity

tick.png Real-time visibility into sales performance and ability to drive representatives in real-time

Better customer service and opportunities ‘to delight’

tick.png Ability for proactive complaint mitigation

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