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Flexible, scalable and robust: perfect for Australia’s largest direct marketing organisation

Salmat embraces InterfaceIt as an integral part of its offering to customers

With over fifteen years experience and a field sales team of up to 500, Salmat recognised the advantages the InterfaceIt platform provided as an integral part of their Field, Retail & Event Sales service offering to clients.

“The InterfaceIt tool has proven invaluable for our multifaceted direct sales client base. The technology itself was first of its kind and underpins our ability to manage compliance within a remote field sales business” said Jason Webster, Executive General Manager, Customer Engagement Solutions at Salmat.

Salmat is a listed Australian company that provides a complete suite of integrated channel communication products and services that are designed to assist customers to find, acquire, grow and retain end-customers.

Salmat has two market leading divisions, Consumer Marketing Solutions (CMS) and Customer Engagement Solutions (CES). Salmat CES helps Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted brands generate revenue, exit cost, and improve their customer experience and incorporates the Field, Retail & Event Sales service.

The Solution

Every year, Salmat’s business sells over 500,000 products to householders and businesses at their doorstep, and to end-consumers in retail shopping locations. For Salmat customers like Foxtel, MotorPass, Origin, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, successful sales have been via the InterfaceIt platform.

“We consider the InterfaceIt platform to be a powerful feature within our service offering that allows us to deliver best possible direct sales solutions for our customers,” stated Mr Webster.

But it’s not only the selling advantages that moving to InterfaceIt’s digital approach that are important to Salmat. According to Webster, “the transition from manual to digital reporting and sales capture processes has provided numerous operational wins for both ourselves and our customers,”

Salmat also operate the largest contact centre nationally. With the move to real-time digital field sales via InterfaceIt, instant followup processes using the contact centre could be instigated. Operationally it also means immediate access to sales reports including which areas, sales people and offers are out performing the rest. Plus end customer data and interaction outcomes are updated in real-time so future interactions can undertaken with the most recent information.

“The team at InterfaceIT understand our business and that of our partners, they have worked closely to align our outcomes and ensure key deliverables are met,” commented Webster.

‘The platform setup for new or existing clients is quick, and can be easily customised to suit different customer requirements.’

The InterfaceIt solution for Salmat builds in real-time updates into a structured sales process delivered via tablet computers (in this case iPads). This delivers benefits to cost, sales performance, management and customer service.

Sales performance boosted

tick.png Increased sales performance and conversion rates

Improvements in operational efficiency and cost reduction

tick.png Reduced paperwork in the field

tick.png Automatic end-customer data updates to office-based databases

tick.png Streamlined allocation of areas to field representatives

tick.png Ability to use the same platform for multiple customers with fast setup for each new customer or campaign

Compliance is easy and automatic

tick.png Management of compliance requirements – for multiple customers - greatly reduced

Anywhere, anytime management

tick.png Real-time visibility into sales performance and ability to use that in other customer communication channels

Better customer service and opportunities ‘to delight’

tick.png Real-time updates project a more professional, ‘listening’ impression to end-customers

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