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How to expand when you’re already the market-leading retailer in Texas, US

Use the smarts within the InterfaceIt platform to make every sales interaction count

When you are TXU and the market-leading energy retailer in Texas, expanding your customer base requires intelligence and offer refinement to more closely match prospective customers. For the field sales teams working with TXU the resulting proliferation of offers and campaigns created confusion at point of sale – that was until InterfaceIt arrived on the scene.

Using the TXU existing sales process and a Texan data set, the InterfaceIt platform was adjusted to suit the field selling requirements of TXU. This enables TXU to replicate the Walker Manager functionality within Texas and associate areas digitally to its field representatives.

The Solution

In order to handle the different product matrices, InterfaceIT constructed a facility for TXU to associate a particular campaign to each address – these campaigns determined the products that could be sold and were also linked to the icons that were displayed on each property. This ensured that the right products were offered to the right customers – and that field representatives could easily target properties where products were of a higher value.

It seems to have worked - an increase of around six percent sale conversion was achieved.

InterfaceIt also became a no cost real-time market intelligence capture tool – saving TXU thousands that would have been spent on commissioned research to gain the same insights.

Today, the InterfaceIt platform has

tick.png improved channel management,

tick.png delivered real-time decision-making,

tick.png expanded reporting,

tick.png improved management of field sales staff and

tick.png easily incentivized field sales.

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