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InterfaceIt helps each organisation's sales function to perform more profitability by reducing costs associated with operations, logistics and time to market while increasing sales success rates and staff productivity.

For a detailed list of the features and benefits from using the InterfaceIT platform, please download our Product Brochure.

Reduce costs and operational barriers »

Eliminate printing costs, obsolete stock and shipping charges
Never again pay for paper, printing or postage so your teams are armed with the latest offers – without the wait
Forget about re-work, incomplete data and extra processing costs
Our digital forms, agreements and data quality controls helps get the right valid information the first time so orders sail through processing
Increase accuracy of every order
We make it easy for sales staff to get it right with predefined process flows that include mandatory data collection and extensive on-the-spot validation to ensure the order is correct first time
Instantly execute orders as they are signed
Minimise the time between signature and first billing to improve cash flow

Set up your sales teams for greater success »

Get your teams and campaigns ready faster
Our detailed geographic, demographic and behavioural data makes it easy to select the right prospects, the right offers and the right sales person
Capitalise on every window of opportunity
Seize fleeting opportunities for sales by harnessing current affairs and market fluctuations to deliver offers and campaigns that target popular topics and angles
Improve staff productivity
Skew each sales call in your favour by harnessing our intelligent targeting tools to match offers to prospects for higher probability selling
Protect your brand perception across all interaction points
High quality read-only brand collateral and multi-media is always ready to project your brand as marketing intended
Have more natural conversations with prospects
Forget the wads of paper and brochures and rummaging through bags for documents. Focus on the prospect and the discussion confident that everything you need is just a tap away

Minimise admin time. Maximise selling time »

Fit the sales process to your operations like a glove
Our built-in process routing capability allows our framework to fit into your operations to minimise disruption to revenue generation
Have no delay in payments
Use our payment gateway to receive payment while in conversation – improving cash flow
Reduce non-selling training and process learning time
With our built-in, step-by-step process routing system, getting the order right is child’s play. Your staff gain confidence quickly and still get the details right each time
Reduce cancellations and wasted staff time
Book appointments in real-time and update them instantly. Fit more appointments in the day by using our location maps to plot the most efficient schedule

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business at every minute of every day »

Keep an eye on your sales status anytime, anywhere
Our real-time dashboard means you can see the big picture of sales progress to targets and success rates at any moment of the day
Instantly monitor and review remote sales teams
Monitor sales teams in real-time so you can fine-tune and make adjustments to the team to achieve better results while the team is in the field
Immediately adjust offers or targets while staff are in the field
Review and watch offer acceptance rates in real-time so offers can be adjusted for even higher success rates

Make it easy to make a sale »

Place everything about every customer and every offer at your fingertips
Our framework streamlines each interaction, centralising customer information so the sales team has the information they need to close the deal
Deliver robust and reliable enterprise-grade apps into the field
Enterprise-grade integration means your teams are always referring to up-to-date data from systems across the organisation
Send your success rates through the roof
Use the intelligence in our data and framework to select prospects with higher probabilities of success so your team hears ”yes” more often for the same amount of time in the field

Build in adherence to legal, compliance and fraud rules »

Ensure every interaction follows compliance rules
Built-in compliance measures add mandatory steps into the process to fulfil compliance requirements
Minimise fraudulent practices
Built-in anti-fraud processes reduce the opportunity for fraudulent practices

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